Bringing people and whales together
in the ocean, in conversation, and in sacred activism and healing ~
Imagine slipping quietly into the water to swim with whales...
feeling the profound exchange of love and trust as mothers bring their calves to swim within feet of you. Imagine gazing eye to eye with fifty ton whales floating in stillness next to you, exuding gentleness, trust, wisdom and fathomless love. Imagine your heart humbled and your soul graced by their presence. Learn More...
      February 6-13, 2016
      March 26 - April 2, 2016
Swimming with whalesSwimming with whales
Imagine communicating soul to soul with the whales, learning from the whales' perspective their stories about their own lives as whales, their personal messages for humans, and what they have to say about the tapestry and purpose of our existence together on earth.
Learn More...
Whales' Communication with Humans:
A 2 1/2 hr Webinar of Life Stories of the Whales, as told by the Whales

Includes a 163 page handout package
Communicating with whales: Communicating with whalesCommunicating with whales
Imagine making a difference to help save the whales from many worldwide threats by supporting key organizations' efforts, participating in prayer and healing practices for the whales and by making compassion based lifestyle choices that make a direct, positive contribution to the lives of whales. Learn More...
Helping save the whalesHelping save the whales



Piers van der Walt was a one in a million, extraordinary human being.
As Captain and former owner of the Turks & Caicos Aggressor since 1994, his wisdom, kindness, generosity, humility, masterly finesse of customer service and knowledge of the whales made his trips to Silver Bank with the whales life changing experiences.
Everyone who crossed his path seemed to feel his special light.

There is a huge hole on the earth now with his passing. Yet heaven is brighter.
May you be breaching with the whales in the spirit world Piers!
You are greatly missed here, but we will always feel your spirit in Silver Bank.
And may all who grieve you on earth be blessed with great love and comfort.



It is this sense of tranquility, of life without urgency, power without aggression, that has won my heart to whales...whales offer to human beings a lesson. They demostrate to us that our ancient and ignorant belief in the inherent supremacy of our species over all others is utterly wrong.
~ Roger Payne, Among Whales