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Sounding, Hank Searls.

A remarkable novel written from the perspective of both whales and humans. Excerpt: "For there was a prophecy, believed by almost all sperm, and the massive, gentle blue whales, too, and certainly by every dolphin in the sea. The prophecy was that someday man, most promising of the mammals Cetecea had left ashore, would evolve enough to understand cetacean beings."

Whalesinger, Welwyn Wilton Katz

Set in Point Reyes National Seashore, California, this novel is a coming-of-age story of a teenage girl Marta, and the profound experiences of her relationship and communication with a mother gray whale. From this relationship, she leans a great deal about herself and life. HIGHLY recommended!

Whalesong — A Novel about the Greatest and Deepest of Beings, Robert Siegel

Written entirely from the perspective of the humpback whale, this is a fable of Hruna and his journey into love, mystery, and spiritual awakening in the waters of the world. The book serves beautifully both as a journey into the world of whales and as an allegory of our own spiritual quests.

White Whale
White Whale A Companion Volume to the Novel About the Greatest and Deepest of Beings

The sequel to Whalesong, this is the enchanting story of Hralekana, a magnificent great white whale, in a fast-paced tale of adventure, intrigue, and spiritual discovery set in the oceans of the world. Excerpt: "Wherever on the water the winds shall find you, wherever the moon or the sun shall move, deep in my heart I will breathe deeply with you."

The Charged Border
The Charged Border: Where Whales and Humans Meet, Jim Nollman.

Amazon review: Nollman doesn't know why his encounters with whales and dolphins move him so, why they are such profound experiences. Yet he senses that therein lurks some elemental nuggets that cold change us...

Whale Tales: Human Interactions With Whales
Whale Tales: Human Interactions With Whales, Peter J. Fromm

American Cetacean Society review: Fascinating pages of the kinds of encounters with cetaceans that you dream of, or might have had. Nonfiction.


Children's Books

I Wonder If I'll See a Whale
I Wonder If I'll See a Whale, Frances Ward Weller

A delightful children's book with beautiful illustrations about a young girl's poignant first whale watch experience. Excerpt: " 'Ohhhhh. There's a whale,' I whisper to myself. And then there is a hush. I look at Trunk, and he at me. It's not a game. It's more like church. He seems to know I've come in peace."

A Garden of Whales
A Garden of Whales, Maggie Steincrohn Davis

A book of wonder, hope, and the love of a young boy for the world's whales, his work to help them, and their profound connection. Magnificent color illustrations.

The Whale's Song
The Whale's Song, Dyan Sheldon

A Touching story of Lilly, whose grandmother tells her the story of the whales she loved as a child. How she waited by the ocean, with a special gift for the whales, and how they finally came to her, with a special gift of their own. Lilly longs to see the whales herself and to hear their mysterious songs. The whales fill her dreams. She believes they will come; they do, and she hears them call her name. Stunning illustrations. Note: This book was the inspiration for including the ritual of gift giving to the whales during our Journey to Love with the Humpback Whales trips.

Whale, Judy Allen

A moving story of a near tragedy for two humpback whales during the Valdez oil spill. It seems only a miracle can save them... and it does. Enchanting and full of hope and the power or prayer. Note: Teresa found this book at the Valdez Museum when she traveled to Valdez, Alaska on a pilgrimage to honor the animals who died in the oil spill.

A Symphony of Whales
A Symphony of Whales, Steve Schuch

Amazon review: The whale speaks only to Glashka. This is both a gift and a responsibility. When Glashka discovers thousands of whales trapped in an inlet, she finds strength from her gift and derives courage from her responsibility, bringing her people together to rescue the whales.

Humphrey, the Lost Whale: A True Story
Humphrey, the Lost Whale: A True Story, Wendy Tokuda.

Describes how a migrating humpback whale mistakenly entered the San Francisco Bay in 1985 and swam sixty-four miles inland before being led back to sea by people concerned for this welfare.

The Boy Who Lived With the Seals
The Boy Who Lived With the Seals, Rafe Martin and David Shannon

A powerful story of a human boy who feels more of the seal world than of the human world. Eventually he chooses to live with the seals, yet continues to honor and give gifts to his human parents. A very important story to "normalize" feelings of belonging more to the animal world than to the human world.

Seal Child, Sylvia Peck

The story of a young girl's love of the sea, seals, her dog, and a new best friend. A story of loss, grief, and transformation. A must read for all lovers of the ocean and marine mammals.


Whale Photography

Gentle Giant, At Sea with the Humpback Whale
Gentle Giant, At Sea with the Humpback Whale, Tsuneo Nakamura

Stunning photographs of humpbacks both under and above water, mostly from Hawaii.

Mitsuaki Iwago's Whales
Mitsuaki Iwago's Whales, Mitsuaki Iwago

Clear, detailed, very close photos of humpbacks both under and above water, in every imaginable "pose:" lunge feeding, baleen, fluke shots, breaching, aerial shots of feeding, bubble nets, and swimming, and underwater shots of adults, calves and groups from many angles. The beginning of his book includes his journal of experiences photographing whales, followed by many pages of actual photographs, ending with the quote: Let beauty abide. Leave the Divine in peace.


Natural History

Among Whales
Among Whales, Roger Payne

Considered the world's leading expert on whales, he is well known for discovering that humpback whale vocalizations can be classified as songs. Excerpts: "It is this sense of tranquillity, of life without urgency, power without aggression, that has won my heart to whales... whales offer to human beings a lesson. They demonstrate to us that our ancient and ignorant belief in the inherent supremacy of our species over all others is utterly wrong."

Humpback Whales
Humpback Whales, Phil Clapham

Comprehensive overview of humpback whales in layperson friendly terms and format. Also includes excellent photographs. Clapham is a Research Associate at the Smithsonian Institution.

The Moon by Whale Light
The Moon by Whale Light, Diane Ackerman

Amazon synopsis: In a rare blend of scientific fact and poetic truth the acclaimed author of A Natural History of the Senses explores the activities of whales, penguins, bats, and crocodilians, plunging headlong into nature and coming up with highly entertaining treasures.

Birth of a Humpback Whale
Birth of a Humpback Whale, Robert Matero

For ages 9 - 12. Amazon synopsis: A baby humpback whale is born in the waters of Hawaii. She nurses frequently and quickly gains the layers of blubb she needs to protect her later in the cold arctic waters. This account of the life history of humpback whales details the whales' migration to Arctic water in summer, their food and hunting techniques, and their enemies. It brings the reader the beauty of the humpbacks' lives and reveals their important place in the animal world.